Living Collections

A living collection pulls together Hidden South stories, road notes and observations  about a specific subject matter or group of people.. Living Collections never end. They continue to grow and evolve over time as more stories, notes,  and observations are added.   When a new collection is introduced it's a starting point, not an ending point. 

  • Hidden South Stories - these are the backbone of Living Collections and consist of the  portrait and stories of individuals that I meet all over the South.
  • Road Notes - As I travel to various places, I ask people to write short, anonymous notes (usually secrets) about something that is weighing them down. The notes that pertain to a specific topic will be  part of that Collection
  • Observations - Opinion pieces based on the stories and notes collected, current events, and external data about that subject.

Many Living Collections, when first introduced, will not have all of these elements. They may start with a handful of Hidden South Stories and evolve over time.